People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/12/10 (St A. Lib., 252)

William Comyn, earl of Buchan, justiciar of Scotia, announces that he and his heirs of Buchan are distraining Merleswain son of Waltheof and his heirs as they warrant land of Kilmux (FIF) to St Andrews Priory, as freely as charter and confirmations of his ancestors establish and bear witness
Firm date
9 October 1211 X 1233
Dating Notes
William as earl × death of William
Source for Data Entry
St Andrews Liber, 252
Trad. ID
St A. Lib., 252
Calendar number
Charter type
This charter seems to have been written around the same time as 3/12/8, 3/12/9, 3/12/23 and 3/12/24.

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