People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/17/48 (Lenn. Cart., 85-6)

Malcolm, earl of Lennox, has granted, and established by his present charter, that donation which Gillemichel son of Edulf made to Malcolm his son, of a quarter of the land called Gartocharn (DNB), with its right bounds; to hold of Gillemichel and his heirs in feu and heritage, with all liberties, pertinents and easements, as the charter that Gillemichel drew up for his son Malcolm bears witness and conveys in and by all things; saving to the earl, from Malcolm son of Gillemichel 10s. annually at the Glasgow Fair, and in the army of the lord king, enough food that pertains to a quarter-land in the earldom of Lennox, for all services whether intrinsec or extrinsec, customs, exactions and demands, and making all royal aids pertaining to that quarter-land.
Firm date
18 November 1274
Dating Notes
Sunday after the feast of St Martin in winter, AD 1274.
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Source for Data Entry
Lennox Cartulary, 85-6
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Lenn. Cart., 85-6
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
18 Nov. 1274 earl of Lennox Malcolm (I), earl of Lennox
18 Nov. 1274 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Mauricius (Murdoch) of Luss, lord of Luss
18 Nov. 1274 clerk Arthur, clerk (earls of Lennox)