People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/23/20 (Swinton, SHR 2, no. 5)

Charter of Roger de Quincy, earl of Winchester, constable of Scotland, granting to John of Kinloch and his heirs all the lands of ‘Brekinge’ (?FIF) for his homage and service.
Firm date
February 1235 X 1264
Dating Notes
Accession of Roger de Quincy to earldom of Winchester × death of Roger.
Source for Data Entry
George Swinton, ‘Six Early Charters’, SHR, 2 (1904-5), 173-180, no. 5
Trad. ID
Swinton, SHR 2, no. 5
Calendar number
Charter type
Entered from an English summary
Doubtful that this is Bruckley. On the place-name, see Taylor, PNF. See also Nisbet, Heraldry (1st edn), ii, App., 27

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