People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/144/46 (Abdn. Reg., i, 18-23)

Pope Alexander IV writes to the abbot and convent of Arbroath, noting that they have indicated to him that the bishops of Aberdeen, of good memory, with the consent of his chapter, had granted certain churches in the diocese of Aberdeen, in which they hold the right of patronage, for their own uses, which had been established by the apostolic see, but the bishops’ successor suggested that some abbots, priors and other ecclesiastical prelates, both religious and secular, in the city and diocese of Aberdeen had carried off pensions, lands and other possessions belonging to those vicarages, to be converted for their own uses, because of which the vicars could not be sustained suitably from the rest, and the bishop had obtained from Pope Innocent, his predecessor, letters maintaining that he could establish whatever shall seem expedient for the advantage of the said churches, not hindering grants or confirmations impetrated by the apostolic see, compelling the opposition by ecclesiastical censure without appeal. The abbot and convent, feeling that through the ordination of this sort the churches or the monastery might be unduly bothered, had called for a remedy of appeal by Pope Innocent, for which the said bishop had given letters of command to the same chancellor of Moray and his colleagues that they should establish whatever shall seem expedient concerning the portions to be assigned, compelling the opposition by ecclesiastical censure without appeal. He thus establishes what was designated by their letters and recites their tenor word for word. He concludes with the letters of the chancellor of Moray, the treasurer, and Master John of Everley, canon, of Dunkeld, which further recite the letters of Pope Innocent IV appointing them judges in the case, and establish the assessment of the vicarages and portions.
Firm date
9 January 1257
Dating Notes
5 id. Jan., pontifical year 3
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Source for Data Entry
Aberdeen Registrum, i, 18-23
Trad. ID
Abdn. Reg., i, 18-23
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Papal letter

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Date Short Summary Subject Object
9 Jan. 1257 Predecessor of Alexander IV, pope (d.1261) (Tenurial & lordship relationship) Innocent IV, pope (d.1254) Alexander IV, pope (d.1261)