People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/32/92 (Reeves, Culdees, no. 15)

In the parish church of Inverkeithing (FIF), on the morrows of St Leonard, A.D. 1250, in the presence of [Robert], lord abbot of Dunfermline, chaplain of the lord pope and chancellor of the lord king of Scotland, and Sir R[obert], treasurer of the church of Dunkeld, by apostolic authority between the lord prior and convent of St Andrews on one side, and Master Adam of Makerston, acting as provost of the city of St Andrews, and the Céli De acting as canons, and their vicars on the other. The aforesaid day was made available for the public settlement upheld by the priors of St Oswald and Kirkham for Master [Adam of Makerston], Richard Veyrement [Vairement], William Wischard, Robert de l’Isle (Lyle), Patrick of Muckhart, Michael Ruffus, Michael Niger, and any other Céli De acting as canons, and other disobedients and rebels of the church of St Mary of St Andrews, and for the enquiries of whether the said Céli De and the vicars had celebrated divine services as bound, and for the statues which the canons shall be under premise. The said abbot and treasurer have published this sentence of the said priors of St Oswald and Kirkham concerning the inquisition made; they have admitted witnesses, and have made this be recorded. They have also made available Saturday, after the feast of St Andrews in the church of the Friars Preachers of Perth for the publication of the attestations, for the calling together of witnesses and testimonies and for proceeding according to the papal mandate. The said judges are permitted to inflict a just penalty upon the said provost and the Céli De on account of their contumacy, and also to postpone up to the said day.
Firm date
7 November 1250
Dating Notes
Morrow of St Leonard, AD 1250
Place date (modern)
Inverkeithing (church)
Place date (document)
ecclesia parochiali de Inuirkethin
Related Place
Source for Data Entry
W. Reeves, The Culdees of the British Islands (Dublin, 1864), 113-4, no. 15 (with some errors); with reference to NLS, Adv. MS 15.1.18, no. 30
Trad. ID
Reeves, Culdees, no. 15
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NLS, Adv. MS 15.1.18, no. 30 Ferguson, Medieval Papal Reps., App., no. 116 Barrow, Kingdom of the Scots, 2nd edn, 191-2

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Settlement upheld by priors of St Oswald and Kirkham no
7 Nov. 1250 Notification of publication of settlement between St Andrews Priory and Adam of Makerston, provost, and the Celi De yes