People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/20/41 (St A. Lib., 384)

A final concord between (i) the prior and monks of May and (ii) Sir John of Denmuir, knight, over the land of Tarbreakes (FIF), whereby Sir John demitted and quitclaimed the whole land of Tarbreakes by its right and ancient boundaries to the prior and monks, and has established it in free and perpetual alms by this present writing. For this demission and quitclaim and confirmation, the prior and convent have granted in perpetuity to Sir John one monk celebrating the divine service in the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Isle of May, as well as one half mark or 60 cods annually, half at Pentecost, half at Martinmas. The prior and monks also have granted to Sir John one glass lamp in the church of Ceres (FIF) and two gallons of oil or 12d. annually in perpetuity.
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St Andrews Liber, 384
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St A. Lib., 384
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1260 Dominus (Lord/Sir) John of Denmuir, knight
1260 knight John of Denmuir, knight
1260 prior of the Isle of May Hugh, prior of May (d.1269)