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1093 - 1371

Document 4/9/3 (Moray Reg., no. 89)

Agreement between (i) Prior William and the brethren of Urquhart, and (ii) Robert, treasurer of the church of the Holy Trinity, Elgin. The church of Urquhart (MOR) having administered all the divine and ecclesiastical sacraments to the inhabitants in the land of Meft (MOR), Innes (MOR), Slentack (in Urquhart, MOR), Binns (MOR) and Garmouth (MOR), all the teinds coming from within the boundaries of the said lands would be divided into five parts whenever they were received; of the five portions, the church of Urquhart would have three parts and the church of Essil (MOR) obtain the remaining two parts. This agreement was made; that the church and religious house of Urquhart shall have and receive for ever all the teinds produced within the boundaries of the said lands, wholly and without any diminution or division; and in nothing respecting any teinds or other church dues as they relate to the said lands shall they answer to the church of Essil or any of its rectors, or to any treasurer of the said Holy Trinity church at anytime; but the church of Urquhart shall fully have them all. Yet the church of Urquhart, and the prior and brethren, shall pay each year for ever, to the church of Essil and to each of its rectors, and to him who should be treasurer of Holy Trinity church, 24 marks of legal sterling, half at Pentecost, and the other half at the feast of St Martin in the winter, with the term of this payment beginning at the next feast of St Martin after the putting together of this writing.
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May 1237
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Moray Reg., no. 89
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