People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/26/15 (Douglas, iii, no. 7)

An agreement is formed between Nobleman Sir Hugh of Abernethy, on one side, and Lady Ethona (Eithne), spouse of the late Sir Cristin son of Banchauer, on the other; namely, that the said Lady Ethona in free widowhood and her power, granted to the said Sir Hugh all the lands and possessions which by right and assise of land belonging to the said Sir Cristin, her husband, in the name of her terce, namely, all lands and possessions pertaining to her terce within Argyll, with all the lands pertaining to her in Atholl, with all pertinents, rights, liberties and easements pertaining to the said lands, for an annual render of the old rents which were customary in the last days of Sir Cristin, with all services and secular demands. And Sir Hugh will perform the service of the lord king for as long as he holds these lands at ferme, and will satisfy the lord king for any rent owed on the lands in Atholl. Moreover, Sir Hugh and his heirs or assignees will pay the rents of the said lands to the said lady and her assignees on the two terminals, i.e., Pentecost (Whitsun) and St Martin’s Day (Martinmas), with the first payment beginning on Pentecost in the year of the Lord, 1277.
Firm date
X 16 May 1277
Dating Notes
First payment to take place on Pentecost (Whitsun), 1277.
Source for Data Entry
Fraser, Douglas, iii, no. 7
Trad. ID
Douglas, iii, no. 7
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
See NRAS 859

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
X 16 May 1277 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Hugh Abernethy, knight (d. 1291x2)
X 16 May 1277 Domina (Lady) Eithne, wife of Christian son of Banchauer
X 16 May 1277 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Christian, son of Banchauer

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
X 16 May 1277 Lands of Christian, son of Banchauer in Argyll and Atholl Christian, son of Banchauer