People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/40/2 (A-S Relations, no. 8)

Hugh de Bolebec writes to King Henry III of England, informing him that he went in person to Redden Burn (in Sprouston parish, ROX), with kinghts of Northumberland, and met there David of Lindsey, justiciar of Lothian, Patrick, earl of Dunbar, and many other knights sent by the king of Scotland. Six knights were chosen from each side to make the perambulation between England and Scotland, between Carham (Northumb.) and Hadden (ROX). The English and Scottish knights disagreed on the true border. Hugh, the justiciar and the earl decided to choose an additional six charters on either side, who also disagreed on the boundaries. According to King Henry’s mandate, Hugh then chose 24 knights of his county (of Northumberland), who made a declaration on oath that the stated bounds were the true and ancient bounds between the two kingdoms. The justiciar and earl resisted them by force from making the perambulation.
Firm date
13 October 1245 X
Dating Notes
Shortly after the events described in 4/40/1.
Source for Data Entry
Stones, Anglo-Scottish Relations, no. 8
Trad. ID
A-S Relations, no. 8
Calendar number
Charter type
Letter (correspondence)
Original (contemporary)
TNA, SC 1/2/166

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
13 Oct. 1245 X Record of events surrounding the attempted perambulation between England and Scotland, between Carham and Hadden yes