People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/135/1 (Dunf. Reg., no. 176)

Margaret of Ceres, former spouse of Michael Scot, in her lawful authority in the time of her widowhood, has granted and by this her charter established, to Dunfermline Abbey, that donation which her lord and husband Michael Scot made of the land of ‘Gaskinienemphy’ beside Outh (Gask, Dunfermline parish, FIF) with all easements, liberties and rights pertaining to that land, in pure and perpetual alms, free and quit from all exaction, service and demand, as contained in her husband’s charter.
Firm date
1238 X 12 May 1250
Dating Notes
Last known date for Michael Scot × attestation of archdeacon Adam’s successor.
Source for Data Entry
Dunfermline Registrum, no. 176
Trad. ID
Dunf. Reg., no. 176
Calendar number
Charter type

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1238 X 12 May 1250 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Geoffrey of Farsley, knight
1238 X 12 May 1250 doorward David, doorward (FIF)
1238 X 12 May 1250 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Michael Scott, son of Malothen (1230s)