People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/463/4 (Caerlaverock, no. 7)

John of Pencaitland has resigned, granted, and by this his writing altogether quitclaimed to Herbert of Maxwell and his heirs or assignees, in the presence of Sir Hugh of Berkeley, justiciar of Lothian, in full court at Edinburgh Castle in the presence of many worthy men, all right that he had in the land of Pencaitland (ELO) on the western side of the River Tyne, of which land William of Douglas, John of Lamberton, Richard of Bickerton, knights, were sent by the lord king to make an extent, and made an extent by faithful men of the country, including the barley of the old lady, and ‘le Gollekroc’, ‘le Horseparrokys’, ‘le Fuylstrother’, ‘le Coteyarde’, ‘le Vyuere’, and with all other things which can be measured beyond the extent made in the said land, except the wood ‘del Suth syde’, and the wood which Sir Alan of Ormiston holds of him in his lifetime, which will revert to John after Alan’s death, also excepting ‘le Ruthirkroc’ for which he will pay Herbert of Maxwell one pound of cumin annually in the name of rent, and except 8s. of castle ward which he renders annually. Moreover, he resigns, grants, and by this his writing altogether quitclaims to Herbert of Maxwell and his heirs or assignees, any right which he had in the advowson of the church of Pencaitland (ELO) with its pertinents.
Firm date
Thursday 18 May 1276
Dating Notes
Thursday after the Ascension of the Lord, 1276
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
Castrum Puellarum
Related Place
Source for Data Entry
Fraser, Caerlaverock, no. 7
Trad. ID
Caerlaverock, no. 7
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
Thursday 18 May 1276 Wood of Pencaitland Alan of Ormiston, knight (d.c.1289) John, persona of Pencaitland