People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/26/14 (EUL, Laing Chrs., no. 19)

An agreement was formed in the presence of Adam, earl of Carrick, depute of Sir Alexander Comyn, justiciar of Scotia, and before a full court of Fife and Fothrif, on the moor of Pitcorthie (FIF), between Sir Richard Siward, lord of Kellie, and Sir Richard Chamberlain, lord of Gibliston , and his wife Lady Joanna, whereby Richard Siward has granted to Richard Chamberlain and Joanna common pasture on the moor of Kellie (FIF), 40 cartloads of peats in the great turbary of Kellie, and 40 cartloads in the turbary between Belliston and ‘Craginhac’, which is called ‘Stinchandemir’ (‘Stinking Mire’). Richard Siward has given, granted and quitclaimed to Richard Chamberlain and Joanna all his right in the land which Buthach of Balmakin had ploughed on the north side of Cunner Law (FIF), as that arable land extended north to the bounds of Cassingray, with all the moor on the west side to the bounds of Kilbrackmont. Richard Chamberlain and Joanna his wife quitclaimed to Sir Richard Siward the ‘pool of Kellie’ with all the grazing of that pool, so that a flooding of the water of that pool should not hurt Siward’s land.
Firm date
Monday 4 October 1266
Dating Notes
Monday after the feast of St Michael, 1266. The printed calendar says 3 April, but this does not correspond with St Michael’s day.
Place date (modern)
Pitcorthie moor
Place date (document)
in mora de pethcorthin
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EUL, Laing Charters, no. 19
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EUL, Laing Chrs., no. 19
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EUL, Laing Charters, no. 19 Taylor, Place-Names of Fife, iii, 134-5 (in translation)

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