People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/26/27 (RRS, v, no. 23)

On 3 June 1310 at Lindores an agreement was made between Gilbert of Hay, lord of Errol, and Michael Scot of Balwearie, by the consent of Duncan, Michael's son and heir, viz. that Sir Gilbert will have five marks of the annual render which belonged to Michael, and which Michael and his ancestors were accustomed to receive from the land of Caputh (PER), along with the two Mucklies (PER), with homage and service and also all other rights Michael had. And Gilbert will resign into the hands of the lord, their king, the annual return, with all the other pertinents of the lands, for his infeftment. And additionally, Sir Gilbert obligates himself to render to Sir Michael and his heirs forty-five marks of sterling at certain specified times. And additionally, Gilbert obligates himself to satisfy the escheat for Sir Michael to the lord king of ten pounds of sterling which Sir Michael is holding from the lord king for relief. And concerning the payment of forty-five marks of sterling, Sir Gilbert managed to acquire faithful guarantors, viz. Sir John of Balfour, the knight, Henry of Strathearn, and John, lord of Pitscottie, the junior, etc.
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3 June 1310
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in the year of the lord 1310 on the 3rd day of June
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RRS, v, no. 23
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RRS, v, no. 23
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