People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 0/0/0 (Palgrave, Docs., no. 158)

Ordinances made at Lanercost for the preservation of the peace in Scotland, and the suppression of the rebellion. The better to secure and keep the peace of the land of Scotland it is agreed by the King and his Council that the Guardian shall cause to be announced throughout all the cities, burghs, market towns, etc., and shall cause the justices to read in their circuits, that all those who were against the king in the war, and who have not come again to his peace, shall lose life or limb. All who are guilty of the death of John Comyn to be drawn and hanged; the same punishment to be inflicted on all those who either advised or assented, or who, after the fact, knowingly received them. All who were at any time in arms against the king, either before or since the battle of Methven, as well as all who were willingly of the party of Robert Bruce, or who persuaded, and in any way assisted, the people in rising against the king, on conviction, to be imprisoned during the king's pleasure. Finally, as to the common people of Scotland, who, contrary to their inclination, might by their lords have been compelled to rise in arms, the guardian is permitted to fine and ransom them according to their offences.
Firm date
November 1306 X
Dating Notes
Dates from the Close Roll of 34 Edward I; contemporary endorsement of original chirograph assigns it to 35 Edward I, and so 20 Nov. 1306 on.
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
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Source for Data Entry
Palgrave, Docs, no. 158; Ryley, Placita, 510.
Trad. ID
Palgrave, Docs., no. 158
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
TNA E 39/2/14; Enrolled in Close Rolls 34 Edward I, m. 3d. (Cal. Close Rolls, Edw. I, v, 461; from which Ryley, Placita, 510).

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
Nov. 1306 X Ordinances for the preservation of the peace in Scotland, and the suppression of the rebellion. yes