People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/7/99 (Foedera, i, II, 949)

Robert, bishop of Glasgow, seeing that his lord, Edward (I), King of England (etc.) has received from him an oath of fealty in the proper way: and thereupon, of his special favour, has given back to him the temporalities and all things attached to the said bishopric, to hold of him and his heirs, kings of England, by the proper and accustomed services; Robert acknowledges, and lets it be known to everyone, that he has received the said temporalities and things attached from the hand and delivery of his lord the aforesaid king, since he holds it from him, and he is his liege lord, and the rightful king, and lord of the whole of the land of Scotland: and he claims to hold the said temporalities etc. of him and of his heirs, kings of England, by the proper and customary services as said before. In testimony whereof he has caused these letters patent to be be sealed with his seal.
Firm date
5 May 1303
Dating Notes
5 May 1303, 31 Edw. I
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Place date (document)
Chambus Kyneth
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Foedera, i, II, 949
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Foedera, i, II, 949
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Letters Patent (Fealty)
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