People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/53/302 (RRS, v, no. 261)

Robert, king of Scots, has given his beloved and faithful Robert of Keith knight all the following lands and holdings: Keith Marischal (ELO) with the office of the marshalcy of his kingdom, Keith Simon (ELO), Covington (LAN), Aden in Buchan with the new forest (ABD), 'Inuerpefrie' and four davochs in Strathbogie and the forest of Kintore (ABD); holding in chief and resigned by staff and baton in his full council in front of the magnates of the realm at Berwick upon Tweed on the Wednesday after the Feast of All Saints, in the nineteenth year of his reign; to be held by Robert and by Robert son of the late John of Keith knight son of the aforesaid Robert of Keith and his male heirs legitimately procreated of the surname of Keith and bearing arms; in the absence of legitimate male heirs of the same Robert son of John, then to the legitimately procreated male heirs of the aforesaid Robert of Keith knight; in the absence of either of these, the king wills the office and lands should go to Edward of Keith knight, brother of the aforesaid Robert of Keith knight and his legitimate male heirs of the surname and carrying arms, in feu and heritage, in perpetuity, for custom and service owed.
Firm date
26 December 1324
Dating Notes
26 December, regnal year 19
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
Berwicum super Twedam
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Source for Data Entry
RRS, v, no. 261
Trad. ID
RRS, v, no. 261
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Charter type
1430 notarial instruments; see also RPS, 13241/1.

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