People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Charter of Walter, bishop of Glasgow

Type of Transaction
From Source
2/41/9 (Pais. Reg., 114-15)
Verbs not specified
for their own uses
Tenendas original language
in usus proprios
Exemptions original language
salva taxatione vicariarum et salvis synodalibus

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Walter of St Albans, bishop of Glasgow (d.1232) 1194 × 1232
Beneficiary Paisley Abbey (fd.1169) 1163 × 1304

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
RNF (Renfrewshire) church of Mearns [ecclesias] de Mernes' Mearns
RNF (Renfrewshire) church of Kilbarchan [ecclesias] de Kylberhan Kilbarchan
RNF (Renfrewshire) church of Neilston [ecclesias] de Nelston Neilston
RNF (Renfrewshire) church of Houston [ecclesias] de Houston Houston
RNF (Renfrewshire) church of Killellan [ecclesias] de Kilhelan Killallan
RNF (Renfrewshire) church of Kilmacolm [ecclesias] de Kylmalcolm Kilmacolm
RNF (Renfrewshire) church of Inverkip [ecclesias] de Innyrkyp Inverkip
DNB (Dunbartonshire) church of Rosneath [ecclesias] de Neueth Rosneath
DNB (Dunbartonshire) church of Old Kilpatrick [ecclesias] de Kylpatric Old Kilpatrick
AYR (Ayrshire) church of Craigie [ecclesias] de Cragin Craigie
AYR (Ayrshire) church of St Nicholas of burgh of Prestwick [ecclesias] de Prestwic burgo Prestwick
AYR (Ayrshire) church of Monkton (i.e. St Cuthbert of Prestwick) [ecclesias] de altera Prestwic Monkton
AYR (Ayrshire) church of St Oswald of Turnberry [ecclesias] de Turnebery Turnberry
LAN (Lanarkshire) church of Rutherglen [ecclesias] de Ruthglen Rutherglen
LAN (Lanarkshire) church of Pollok [ecclesias] de Polloc Pollok
LAN (Lanarkshire) church of Cathcart [ecclesias] de Kathkert Cathcart
LAN (Lanarkshire) church of Carmunnock [ecclesias] de Curmannoc Carmunnock