People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Confirmation of indulgences granted and psalms and masses performed

Type of Transaction
From Source
2/84/23 (Durh. Rites, App. 6, no. 1)
Firm date
26 May 1241 X 1244
Dating Notes
Earliest consecration of Bishop Nicholas [Farnham] of Durham × resignation of Prior Thomas
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Thomas of Melsonby, prior of Durham (fl.1229-44) Thomas Thomas, prior and convent of Durham 1229 × 1241
Beneficiary Durham Cathedral Priory Ecclesiae nostrae our church 1095 × 1327
named person (transaction) Newminster Abbey Abbate et Conventu Novi Monasterii Abbot and convent of Newminster
named person (transaction) Blanchland Abbey Abbate et Conventu de Alba Landa Abbot and convent of Blanchland
named person (transaction) Augustaldens Priory Priore et Conventu de Augustaldens Prior and convent of 'Augustaldens'
named person (transaction) Brinkburn Priory Priore et Conventu de Brenkeburn Prior and convent of Brinkburn 1171 × 1180
named person (transaction) Tynemouth Priory Priore et Conventu de Tynemuth Prior and convent of Tynemouth 1139 × 1152
named person (transaction) Coldingham Priory (fd.1139) Priore et Conventu de Coldingham Prior and convent of Coldingham 1107 × 1368
named person (transaction) Bolton Priory Priore et Conventu de Boulton Prior and convent of Bolton
named person (transaction) Finchale Priory Priore et Conventu de Finchall Prior and convent of Finchale 1239 × 1239
named person (transaction) Lindisfarne Priory Priore et Fratribus de Insula Prior and brethren of [Lindisfarne] 1213 × 1279
named person (transaction) Bamburgh Priory Fratribus de Banburgh Brethren of Bamburgh
named person (transaction) Jarrow Abbey Fratribus de Jarwe Brethren of Jarrow
named person (transaction) Wearmouth Abbey Fratribus de Weremuth Brethren of Wearmouth
named person (transaction) Brethren of Farne Fratribus de Farn Brethren of Farne
named person (transaction) Neesham Priory Priorissa et Conventu de Nesham Prioress and convent of Neesham
named person (transaction) Lambley Priory Priorissa et Conventu de Lamely Prioress and convent of Lambley
named person (transaction) Berwick Priory (South Berwick) Priorissa et Conventu de Berewich Prioress and convent of Berwick 1219 × 1296
named person (transaction) Holystone Priory Priorissa et Conventu de Halistan Prioress and convent of Holystone
named person (transaction) Newcastle Nunnery Priorissa et Conventu de Novo Castro Prioress and convent of Newcastle