People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Settlement of dispute between nuns of North Berwick and Dunfermline Abbey over teinds

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/32/40 (Dunf. Reg., no. 216)
Firm date
2 August 1221 X 12 January 1226
Dating Notes
Death of Abbot Richard of Kelso × mandate of new election to bishopric of Dunblane following resignation of Ralph.
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Party 1 North Berwick Priory moniales de Northberwich the nuns of North Berwick 1153 × 1293
Party 2 Dunfermline Abbey (fd.1128) monachos de Dunfer' the monks of Dunfermline 1127 × 1363
named person (transaction) Honorius III, pope (d.1227) Honor' Honorius, bishop etc. 1216 × 1227
named person (transaction) Richard, abbot of Newbattle (fl.1220-23) abbati de Neubotl' abbot of Newbattle 1221 × 1223
named person (transaction) William, abbot of Holyrood (III) (fl.1217/18-21) abbati de Sancta Cruce abbot of Holyrood 1221 × 1221
named person (transaction) Simon Lindsay, canon of Dunkeld Sym' de Lindes' Simon of Lindsay, canon of Dunkeld 1217 × 1225
named person (transaction) Henry, abbot of Kelso (d.1218) abbati de Kelch' the abbot of Kelso 1208 × 1216
named person (transaction) Ralph, abbot of Melrose (d.1219) abbati de Melros the abbot of Melrose
named person (transaction) William del Bois, chancellor (d.1232) arch' Laodon' the archdeacon of Lothian 1196 × 1227
named person (transaction) W., rector of Kilconquhar W. W[illiam], rector of the church of Kilconquhar 1217 × 1217
named person (transaction) Hugh, abbot of Dryburgh (fl.1221-29) H. H[ugh], abbot of Dryburgh 1222 × 1229
named person (transaction) Stephen of Lilliesleaf, master, clerk, persona S. de Lilliscliue Master S. of Lilliesleaf 1203 × 1227
named person (transaction) William of Ednam, master, archdeacon of Dunkeld (d.1251×57) W. de Edenham Master W. of Ednam 1209 × 1245
named person (transaction) Ness Ramsay Ness de Rames' Sir Ness of Ramsay 1200 × 1238
named person (transaction) Alice, subprioress of North Berwick Alicia the lady Alice, sub-prioress of North Berwick
Sealer William Malveisin, bishop of St Andrews (d.1238) W. W[illiam], bishop of St Andrews 1185 × 1237
Sealer Abraham, bishop of Dunblane (fl.1210×14-1220×25) A. A[braham], bishop of Dunblane 1190 × 1235
Sealer Chapter of North Berwick Capituli Northberwich the chapter of North Berwick 1221 × 1221