People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Harald Maddadson, earl of Orkney and Caithness (d.1206)

Harald was the son of Maddad, earl of Atholl, and Margaret, daughter of Earl Hákon Paulsson of Orkney. He succeeded to the earldoms of Orkney and Caithness by right of his mother in 1139, at the age of five. His right was contested by his half-cousin, Rögnvald Kali Kolsson (d.1158), though his mother, Gunnhild, daughter of Earl Erlend (d.1099). Another cousin, Erlend, son of Harald Smooth-Tongue, contested Rögnvald's claims and was given his half of Caithness by Mael Coluim IV he then claimed half of Harald's share of Orkney from King Eystein of Norway. Erlend died in 1153 and Harald and Rögnvald ruled as co-earls. Rögnvald was murdered on 20 August 1158 by Thorbjorn Clerk at Forsie (CAI), allowing Harald to rule completely. His first wife was Affreca, daughter of Donnchad, earl of Fife (d.1154). He married as his second wife, Hvarflod Macheth, daughter of Malcolm Macheth, earl of Ross (d.1168). His son and heir was Thorfinn, who died in prison after being blinded. Handbook of British Chronology, 503: Harald united the earldoms of Orkney and Caithness in 1198. He died in 1206.
1151 × 1196
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earldom of Caithness and Orkney
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Date Short Summary Role Source
1196 X 1202 Son of Harald Maddadson, earl of Orkney and Caithness (d.1206)(Familial relationship) object (relationship) 3/13/1 (Scone Lib., no. 58)
22 Feb. 1202 X 21 Feb. 1203 Earl of Lumberd, a layman (Tenurial & lordship relationship) subject (relationship) 2/137/18 (Dip. Norv., vii, no. 3)