People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/41/16 (Glas. Reg., no. 232)

William Fraser, dean of Glasgow, at the wish of the chapter of Glasgow, which, for arduous business at the papal curia, is about to promote the discreet men, Master John of Musselburgh, archdeacon of Rochester, Sir Henry, rector of the church of Dalry (KCB), Whithorn diocese, and Master Richard of Lanark, clerk, as his procurators, whereby it shall be ordained to make a loan up to a sum of £200 from whatever merchants or others, William promises to maintain this loan; if it happens that all or part of the said loan is entered into by the procurators or another nominated by them, William shall answer and satisfy the chapter fully. To this, he binds to the chapter all his mobile and immobile ecclesiastical and worldly goods which he had or shall have in present or future, wherever they are found, until the loan, together with damage expenses and interest, is repaid and full satisfaction is made to the chapter. William wishes that a simple assertion of the chapter or others of the chapter to be entrusted without the burden of other proof, and for major security, he makes Sir Simon Fraser, knight, and Andrew Fraser, his brothers, his guarantors, submitting himself and his guarantors to the jurisdiction of the bishop of Glasgow or his official, so that he or another may require William or his guarantors to compel themselves to this observation and renouncing for himself and his guarantors all action, exception, quibbling and defence, and all apostolic or royal letters obtained or to be obtained and especially a royal decree of two diets to be put forth at the general council of Pope Adrian and all remedy of justice, both canonical and civil which will be useful to William or his guarantors and hurtful to the said chapter.
Firm date
6 December 1279
Dating Notes
St Nicholas Day, 1279
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Glasgow Registrum, i, no. 232
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Glas. Reg., no. 232
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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
6 Dec. 1279 Obligation to maintain a loan of £200 from merchants etc., making Sir Simon Fraser, kt, and Andrew Fraser, his guarantors yes