People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/62/1 (Barrow, Kinninmonth, no. 2)

Abbot Gilchrist and convent of céli Dé of St Andrews for Odo, brother of the bishop of Aberdeen; have given in feu and heritage, Kinkell (FIF), 'Pitsporgy' (FIF) and 'Pitkenny' (FIF), saving annual rent of 32 'meles' of cheese, 32 'meles' of barley and a one-year-old pig
Firm date
2 April 1172 X 1195
Probable date
2/Apr/1172 × 1178
Dating Notes
Consecration of Bishop Matthew of Aberdeen × confirmation by King William (_RRS_, ii, no. 347; introduction of date of time to royal acts); prob. × charter of Richard, bishop of St Andrews (Barrow, 'Kinninmonth', no. 3).
Source for Data Entry
Barrow, 'The early charters of the family of Kinninmonth', no. 2
Trad. ID
Barrow, Kinninmonth, no. 2
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