People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/4/1 (SEA, i, no. 140)

An agreement is made in Edinburgh Castle in the presence of King David, Henry, his son, and their barons between R[obert], bishop of St Andrews and G[eoffrey], abbot of Dunfermline over the parish church of Kirkton (St Ninians, STL) and the chapel of Stirling Castle. The king’s barons recorded, and all agreed with this record, that on the day when King Alexander caused the chapel to be dedicated, he donated the teinds of his demesnes in the soke of Stirling to the chapel which on that day was his demesne, whether it increased or decreased. Furthermore, they considered that the parish church of Kirkton ought to have all the teinds which derived from the hiredmen, bonders and gresmen with the rest of the customs due to the church; and the bodies of the dead, either of the peasants of the demesnes or of the parish, shall lie in the parish cemetery with things which the dead ought to have with them at the church, unless by chance any of the burgesses dies there unexpectedly. If the demesne thereafter grows either by assarting or by the breaking of old land formerly not cultivated, the chapel shall have their teinds. If, however, by the same means the lands of the other parishioners increase, the parish church shall have their teinds, and if the number of men in the demesne should increase, the chapel shall have the teinds of all the men who cultivate the demesne, and the parish church shall have their bodies of those who live on the demesne, and if the land then not demesne should grow in terms of buildings, the parish church shall have their teinds. It shall render to all these men all Christian rites for the dignity of burial.
Firm date
16 August 1139 X 1151
Dating Notes
Attestation of predecessor of Osbert, prior of Jedburgh × resignation of Alwin, abbot of Holyrood
Place date (modern)
Edinburgh Castle
Place date (document)
Castellum Puellarum
Related Place
Edinburgh Castle
Source for Data Entry
Scottish Episcopal Acta, i, no. 140
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SEA, i, no. 140
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