People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/40/3 (CDS, i, no. 1699)

A perambulation was made between the kingdoms of England and Scotland, that is, between the lands in dispute between the canons of Carham in England and Bernard of Hadden in Scotland, before Roger of ‘Thurkelby’, Gilbert of Preston, Master Simon ‘de Wauton’, and John of Cobham, justices of the king of England, assigned to that effect, in the presence of David of Lindsey (II), justiciar of Lothian, David of Graham, David the clerk, Nicholas de Soules, sheriff of Roxburgh, and many others of both kingdoms, by Reginald son of Ralph, William of ‘Askekelde’, William de Turberville, Robert of ‘Camhow’, John of Heslington, William de Hoton, Walter of Whitton, Henry of ‘Laval’, Robert of Cresswell, John son of Simon, Hugh de Herle and Robert of Ulchester, twelve knights of the kingdom of England chosen to make the same, who say on their oath that the bounds stated herein are the true marches between England and Scotland.
Firm date
1 December 1246
Dating Notes
Morrow of St Andrew’s Day, 31 Henry III
Source for Data Entry
CDS, i, no. 1699
Trad. ID
CDS, i, no. 1699
Calendar number
Charter type
Entered from an English summary
Original (contemporary)
TNA, C 47/22/12/4

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
1 Dec. 1246 Recognition of perambulation between kingdoms of England and Scotland yes