People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/647/2 (Barrow, E. Fife Docs., no. 4)

Walter the younger of Roxburgh has granted and quitclaimed to Ranulf the archdeacon of St Andrews Scoonie(hill) (St Andrews St Leonards parish, FIF), and Balkaithley (Dunino parish, FIF), and land that lies on the south side of the city of St Andrews between the burns, which his uncle Walter the archdeacon held and possessed in his lifetime. He has resigned also to Ranulf the archdeacon all right which he had in the said lands, whether by gift, grant, or confirmation of the late Bishop Hugh or of his uncle Walter the archdeacon, and the charters of those lands which he had, he has restored to the aforesaid Ranulf with the understanding that those belonged to the archdeaconry of St Andrews. Sealed by Sir Ralph, bishop of Brechin and Henry, abbot of Arbroath.
Firm date
1202 X June 1208
Dating Notes
Consecration of Bishop Ralph of Brechin × accession of Abbot Henry of Arbroath’s successor, Gilbert.
Source for Data Entry
Barrow, 'East Fife Docs.', no. 4
Trad. ID
Barrow, E. Fife Docs., no. 4
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NLS, Adv. MS 15.1.18, no. 47
Document Image
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1202 X Jun. 1208 Scooniehill, Balkaithley and land that lies on south side of city of St Andrews Walter of Roxburgh, archdeacon of St Andrews (fl.1165×72-1179×88)