People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/743/1 (CDS, iv, no. 1835)

John Salvein and Margaret his wife, and Isabel, her sister, pray the king’s grace herein. Margaret de Ros lately held the manor of Ballater (?) as dower, of the heritage of Robert de Ros, father of said Margaret and Isabel, whose heirs they are. As she is dead, the petitioners pray for the manor (notwithstanding that Robert their father held with the Scots), under the peace with Sir John Comyn and his adherents. Robert de Bures shows the king that for his long service, and in lieu of 100 marks of and, he received lately a charter of lands in Scotland, since annulled by the peace made with John Comyn, now dead, and begs a grant of Ballater (?) manor excheated by Robert de Brus [Ros ?] extended at £31 yearly. Will restore him the charter for 100 marks and quitclaim him of his promise to his two vallets, who have served in all his wars since his coronation, that they should have ‘a little land’ in heritage. William de Ros, brother of the late Sir Robert de Ros of Wark, shows the king that when his brother joined the Scots, he refused, and saved the castle of Wark-upon-Tweed to the king who promised him a reward. When the earl of Warenne and Sir Hugh de Cressingham led the king’s forces to Stirling to put down William Wallace and his band of evil-doers, the petitioner, after the constable of Stirling castle and great part of his garrison had been slain at the bridge, threw himself into the castle with Sir William son of Warin and Sir Marmaduke de Twenge by the said earl’s order, but had to surrender it from want of victuals, whereon William Wallace spared his life from being Sir Robert’s brother; but as he would not renounce his allegiance, sent him a prisoner to Dumbarton castle, where he lay in irons and hunger [and danger of death] till its surrender to the king after the battle of Falkirk. He prays a grant of the ‘petyt maner’ of Ballater (?) in the king’s hand by his mother’s death, worth £31 yearly.
Firm date
1306 X 1307
Source for Data Entry
CDS, iv, no. 1835
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CDS, iv, no. 1835
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Entered from an English summary

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1306 X 1307 Manor of Ballater (?) Margaret of Roos, wife of Robert of Roos