People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Chapter of Lindores

1204 × 1261
Related Place
Lindores Abbey

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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
17 Aug. 1204 Agreement between the Bishop of St Andrews and Durham Cathedral Priory, over cain, conveth, procurations, etc. in the diocese of St Andrews Sealer Andrew Murray, master; Brice Douglas, bishop of Moray (d.1222); Guy, abbot of Lindores (d.1219); Henry, abbot of Arbroath (fl.1179-1207); Hugh de Mortimer, prior of May (fl.1198×1206); Hugh, king's chaplain (TRW); Isaac Scott, master, clerk; John of Wilton; John, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1207); Laurence of Thornton, archdeacon of St Andrews (d.1238×40); Patrick, abbot of Dunfermline (fl.1202-17×1223); Richard de Prebenda, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1210); Richard, master (TRW); Robert Hay, clerk (son of William); Saer de Quincy, earl of Winchester (d.1219); Stephen of Lilliesleaf, master, clerk, persona; Walter, abbot of Holyrood (d.1217 or 1218); William of Binile 4/4/6 (ND, App., no. 477)
31 Aug. 1244 X 1273 Lease of toft in villa of Dundee (ANG) Sealer Chapter of Lindores 2/75/3 (Lind. Cart., no. 89)
31 Aug. 1244 X 1273 Gift of third part of land in villa of Perth (PER) Sealer Adam, son of Walkelin; Alexander Bell; John Bell; John [Albot] White, burgess of Perth; John, chaplain, dean of Perth; Martin of Lynn; Roger Clerk, burgess of Perth 2/75/4 (NRS, GD 160/112 (5))
7 Aug. 1261 Quitclaim of second teinds in exchange for Williamston (ABD) and Boynds (ABD) Sealer Chapter of Lindores 2/75/2 (CDS, i, no. 2267)