People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/54/425 (RRS, vi, no. 327)

David, king of Scots, has given his beloved and faithful Robert Erskine knight and his beloved relative Christiana Keith, for Robert's homage and service, his lands of Alloa and Gaberston (CLA) with the island called 'Isle of Clackmannan' (Inch, CLA) and with that whole piece of his park of Clackmannan, the land of Gaberston west of the Water of Little Devon, as the current of the water flows, in the sheriffdom of Clackmannan, in exchange or compensation for the lands of Strath Gartney and the New Park at Stirling and the land of 'Brenhalgh' in the forest of Clackmannan with herbage of the whole forest, in exchange the land of Old Park of Stirling resigned to him by staff and baton. Due to his incessant service and labours of his confederate, he also gives them heritably his lands of Ferryton and the king's meadow of Clackmannan and a piece of his park of Clackmannan on the east of the Water of Little Devon; to be held in feu and heritage, in one integral free barony, with bondsmen and bondages, neyfs and their offspring, with pit and gallows, sake and soke, toll and team and infangenthef, for the service of one half of one knight and three suits of court annually at his three chief pleas at the sheriffdom court of Clackmannan. And they shall be free and quit of wards, reliefs, and marriages from the aforesaid lands.
Firm date
6 August 1364
Dating Notes
6 August, regnal year 35
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RRS, vi, no. 327
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RRS, vi, no. 327
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NRS, GD 124/1/518; HMC Mar and Kellie

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