People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/17/27 (Lennox, ii, no. 11)

Maldoven, earl of Lennox, has given and granted, and has established by this his present charter, to Stephen of Blantyre the whole half-ploughgate of land of Killearn (STL) namely, that half in which the church is built, which is called in Scottish (Gaelic) ‘Letharathor’, by its right bounds, with all its liberties, pertinents and easements, without any witholding, and with all pleas and suits from the said land, both those pertaining to the earl’s court as well as to his court, only excepting alone the jurisdiction over life and limb. Moreover, he has given and granted, and by this his present charter has established, to the said Stephen, the advowson of the church of Killearn; wherefore, he wills and grants, that Stephen should have the asid half of the said land of Killearn with the advowson of the said church of Killearn by right of heritage, of him and his heirs in perpetuity; making forinsec service of the lord king as pertains to that land, and suit of the earl’s court at the two chief pleas per year, if they be reasonably summoned, for all services, customs, aids, exactions and demands.
Firm date
1241 X 1265
Probable date
circa 1241
Dating Notes
Death of Walter son of Alan (II) the steward × death of Earl Maldoven; possible date based on John, sheriff of Stirling.
Source for Data Entry
Fraser, Lennox, ii, no. 11
Trad. ID
Lennox, ii, no. 11
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NAS, GD 220/2/1/11

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