People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Earls of Dunbar (H3/15/)

This SNA visualization demonstrates the connections between witnesses to charters of the earls of Dunbar and close family members up to 1286, from the H-number series H3/15.

The study includes 72 charters and one notification. Agreements are not included in this study. There are 362 witnesses (nodes), connected by 3094 links (edges). Node and label size are adjusted according to eigenvector centrality.

The following table shows the five witnesses with the highest eigenvector centrality in the study:

PersonEigenvector centralityDegree
Roger de Merlay (II) (d. ca 1239) (steward of Earl Patrick I)100%110
Ness, son of Ness of Waughton99.8%85
Patrick (II), earl of Dunbar (d. 1248) (before becoming earl)91.5%93
Patrick son of Adam son of Aldan the steward90.7%92
Thomas Fraser, clerk of Earl Patrick80.7%69