People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/54/264 (RRS, vi, no. 239)

David, king of Scots, has given his beloved and faithful confederate Robert Erskine knight and his beloved relative Christine Keith, his spouse, the barony of Kinnoull (PER); which Isabel of Fife, daughter and heir of the late Duncan (IV), earl of Fife, lord of the said barony, resigned to him in the chapel of blessed Mary at the end of the bridge of Perth, on 21 July, year of grace 1360, in the presence of many of the prelates and nobles [proceribus] of the kingdom, in her free widowhood, by staff and baton, in perpetuity; to be held by Robert and Christine, whichever lives longer, and by their lawfully procreated heirs, in feu and heritage, with the tenancies and services of freeholders, advowsons of churches, with pit and gallows, toll and team, sake and soke and infangenthef, as freely as the earl of Fife held it from his predecessors; for forinsec service owed and wont. He also wills and grants that the procreated heirs of Robert and Christine with their succession will remain exempt from ward, relief and marriage for the said barony.
Firm date
22 July 1360
Dating Notes
22 July, regnal year 31
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RRS, vi, no. 239
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RRS, vi, no. 239
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Kinnoull muniments, charter no. 92

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