People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Grant of protection and confirmation of properties, rights and liberties

Type of Transaction
From Source
2/132/13 (Dunf. Reg., no. 238)
Firm date
29 April 1182
Dating Notes
2 kal. May, 1182, pontifical year 1
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Lucius III, pope (d.1185) Lucius Lucius, bishop etc. 1182 × 1185
Beneficiary Archibald, abbot of Dunfermline (d.1198) Erchenbaldo Archibald, abbot of the monastery of the Holy Trinity at Dunfermline 1178 × 1198
Beneficiary Dunfermline Abbey (fd.1128) monasteri[um] Sancte Trinitatis de Dunfer' monastery of the Holy Trinity, Dunfermline 1127 × 1363
named person (transaction) Alexander III, pope (d.1181) Alexandri Pope Alexander 1159 × 1180
named person (transaction) Malcolm III, king of Scots (d.1093) Malcolmo Malcolm, late king of Scots
named person (transaction) Edgar, king of Scots (d.1107) Edgaro Edgar, late king of Scots 1095 × 1097
named person (transaction) Alexander I, king of Scots (d.1124) Alex' Alexander, late king of Scots 1095 × 1123
named person (transaction) David I, king of Scots (d.1153) Dauid David, late king of Scots 1118 × 1152
named person (transaction) Malcolm IV, king of Scots (d.1165) Malcolmo Malcolm, late king of Scots 1145 × 1165
Dated by hand of Albert, cardinal, papal chancellor Alberti Albert, cardinal priest and chancellor of the Holy Roman Church 1179 × 1183

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
FIF Dunfermline Locum ipsum in quo moansterium [...] fundatum est Dunfermline
FIF burgh of Dunfermline burgum ex illa parte aque, qua et monasterium situm est Dunfermline
FIF (Fife) church of Inverkeithing ecclesiam de Inuirketh' Inverkeithing
FIF villa of Wester Kinghorn villam de King' occidentali Burntisland
FIF (Fife) church of Kellie ecclesiam de Kellin Kellie
FIF Kirkcaldy villam [...] de Kircaldin Kirkcaldy
FIF (Fife) church of Kirkcaldy ecclesiam de Kircaldin Kirkcaldy
FIF Newburn Villam [...] de Nithburn Newburn
FIF (Fife) church of Newburn ecclesiam de Nithburn Newburn
PER (Perthshire) church of Perth ecclesiam de Pert Perth
PER chapel of Perth castle capellam de castello [de Pert] Perth
STL (Stirlingshire) church of burgh of Stirling ecclesiam de Striuel' Stirling
MOR Chapel of Duffus Castle capellam de castell' [de Striuel'] Duffus
MLO (Midlothian) church of West Calder ecclesiam de Westercaledoure Earl's Calder (Calder-Comitis)
MLO (Midlothian) church of Kirknewton ecclesiam de Neuton' Kirknewton
MLO Inveresk 'Major' Inueresc maiorem Inveresk 'Major'
MLO chapel of Cousland capellam de Cousland Cousland
MLO Inveresk 'Minor' Inuiresc minorem Inveresk 'Minor'
MLO Woolmet uillam [...] de Wymet Woolmet
MLO (Midlothian) church of Woolmet ecclesiam de Wymet Woolmet
MOR Urquhart Vrchard' Urquhart
MOR church of Urquhart cum ecclesia eiusdem loci [Vrchard'] Urquhart

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
Protection of St Peter and the Pope Protection of St Peter and the Pope