People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Grant of papal protection and confirmation of land, possessions, and privileges

Type of Transaction
From Source
2/140/61 (Dunf. Reg., no. 272)
Firm date
8 October 1234
Dating Notes
8 id. Oct., 1234, pontifical year 8
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Gregory IX, pope (d.1241) Gregorius Gregory, bishop etc. 1227 × 1241
Beneficiary Dunfermline Abbey (fd.1128) abbati monasterii s. Trinitatis de Dunfer' eiusque fratribus the abbot of the monastery of the Holy Trinity, Dunfermline, and his brethren 1127 × 1363
named person (transaction) Malcolm IV, king of Scots (d.1165) Malcolmo secundo King Malcolm/Malcolm II, king of Scotland 1145 × 1165
named person (transaction) Malcolm III, king of Scots (d.1093) Malcolmo primo Malcolm I, king of Scotland
named person (transaction) Alexander I, king of Scots (d.1124) Alex' Alexander, king of Scotland 1095 × 1123
named person (transaction) David I, king of Scots (d.1153) DD. David, king of Scotland 1118 × 1152
named person (transaction) William I, king of Scots (d.1214) Willelmo William, king of Scotland 1145 × 1213
named person (transaction) Alexander II, king of Scots (d.1249) Alex' Alexander, king of Scotland 1199 × 1249
Dated by hand of Bartholomew, vice-chancellor of Holy Roman Church Barthol' Bartholomew, vice-chancellor of the Holy Roman Church 1234 × 1234

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
PER (Perthshire) church of Perth ecclesiam de Perth Perth
STL (Stirlingshire) church of burgh of Stirling ecclesiam de Striuelin Stirling
MLO (Midlothian) church of Musselburgh ecclesiam de Muskilb' Musselburgh
FIF (Fife) church of Kellie ecclesiam de Kellin Kellie
FIF (Fife) church of Newburn ecclesiam de Nithburn Newburn
FIF (Fife) church of Kinglassie ecclesiam de Kinglassin Kinglassie
FIF (Fife) church of Kirkcaldy ecclesiam de Kircaldin Kirkcaldy
FIF (Fife) church of Abercrombie ecclesiam de Abercrumb' Abercrombie
MLO (Midlothian) church of Hailes (Colinton) ecclesiam de Hal' Hailes (Colinton)
MLO (Midlothian) church of Woolmet ecclesiam de Wymet Woolmet
MLO (Midlothian) church of Kirknewton ecclesiam de Neuton' Kirknewton
MLO (Midlothian) church of Melville ecclesiam de Maleuill' Melville
PER (Perthshire) church of Moulin ecclesiam de Molin Moulin
FIF (Fife) church of Inverkeithing ecclesiam de Inuirkethin Inverkeithing
PER (Perthshire) church of Strathardle ecclesiam de Strahardolf Strathardle
FIF (Fife) church of Kinghorn ecclesiam de Kingorn' Kinghorn
PER (Perthshire) church of Holy Trinity of Dunkeld ecclesiam de Dunkeld' Dunkeld
FIF burgh of Dunfermline Burgum de Dunfer' ex illa parte aque in qua monasterium situm est Dunfermline
FIF (Fife) 23 acres .xx. et .iii. acras terre et pratum iuxta Dunfer' Dunfermline
FIF Kirkcaldy totam Kircaldin Kirkcaldy
FIF shire of Newburn Scyram de Nithb' Newburn
FIF (Fife) Shire Scyram de Gatemilc Goatmilk
FIF Fetters [terra] de Foderos Fetters
PER Fordie [terra] de Forduuin Fordie
PER Dalmarnock [terra] de Drummernac Dalmarnock
PER Bendochy [terra] de Bendachtin Bendochy
PER Couttie [terra] de Cupermacultin Couttie
PER Inchturfin [terra] de Incheturphin Inchethurfin
PER Keithick [terra] de Kethec Keithick
PER Moulin [terra] de Molin Moulin
MLO (Midlothian) toft in burgh of Edinburgh [mansio] de Edenb' Edinburgh
ELO (East Lothian) toft in Haddington [mansio] de Hadigtun' Haddington
ROX (Roxburghshire) 5 dwellings (mansurae) in Roxburgh [mansio] de Rokesburg' Roxburgh
BWK (Berwickshire) toft in Berwick [mansio] de Berwich Berwick
STL (Stirlingshire) toft in Stirling [mansio] de Striuelin Stirling
PER (Perthshire) toft in burgh of Perth [mansio] de Perth Perth
MOR cell of Urquhart Cellam de Vrchard in Morauia Urquhart
MOR church of Urquhart cum ecclesia [de Vrchard] Urquhart
MLO Musselburgh Burgum [...] de Muskilb' Musselburgh
MLO (Midlothian) port portum de Muskilb' Musselburgh
MLO Inveresk 'Major' Inuiresc maiorem Inveresk 'Major'
MLO Inveresk 'Minor' [Inuiresc] minorem Inveresk 'Minor'
MLO Woolmet villa de Wymet Woolmet
MLO Carberry villa de Crebarr' Carberry
MLO Smeaton villa de Smithetun' Smeaton
MLO Hailes villa de Hal' Hailes (Colinton)
FIF Burntisland villa de Kingorn' occidentali Burntisland
FIF Mastertown Ledmacduuegil Masterton

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
FIF (Fife) teind of grain and king's prebend of Kinghorn, Kellie, and Crail Decimam frumenti et auene Regis de King', de Kellin, et de Karel Unmapped (FIF)
CLA teind of malt and the king's prebend Decimam bras' et auen' Reg' de Clacm' Clackmannan
teind of deer killed between Lammermuir and Tay teind of deer killed between Lammermuir and Tay Decimam omnium uenacionum quae capiuntur inter Lambermor et Thei Lammermuir
STL (Stirlingshire) half hides and quarter of tallow medietatem omnium coriorum, ac seporum et sagminis omnium animalium quae occiduntur in festiuitatibus regis tenendis in Striuelin Stirling
FIF (Fife) half of hides, fat and tallow et inter Forth et Thai Unmapped (FIF)
BWK (Berwickshire) two hides on sixth Saturday, plus other skins etc. from north of Lammermuir ex parte Scicia ultra Lambermor in tota regia potestate singulis sabbatis unum corium [etc.] Lammermuir
FIF (Fife) heads of whales (except tongues) on N. side of Firth of Forth Omnium cete q' capta fuerint [etc.] Unmapped (FIF)
STL (Stirlingshire) teind of the king's cain in Stirlingshire tocius Can Regis in eadem prouincia [de Striuel] STL (Stirlingshire)

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
FIF Offerings at high altar without claim omnes oblaciones altaris [...] maioris offerings at high altar without claim
FIF half the toll of St Margaret's ferry (Queensferry) Dimidium passagii sancte Margarite Regine Queensferry (South)
FIF (Fife) eighth of king's pleas and profits from Fife and Fothrif octauam partem de omnibus placitis et lucris Regis in Fif et Fotherif Fife and Fothrif
FIF (Fife) king's rents .xx. solidorum de firma regis de Fithkil Fettykil (Leslie)
ARG (Argyll) moiety of teind of profits and of king's rents from Argyll and Kintyre totam medietatem decime lucris et omnium reddituum regis de Ergaithel et de Kentir Argyll and Kintyre
STL (Stirlingshire) teinds of the king's demesnes Totam decimam omnium dominorum regis STL (Stirlingshire)
MLO (Midlothian) 100s. from burgh ferme of Edinburgh Annuum redditum .c. solidorum in burgo de Edenb' Edinburgh

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
Protection of St Peter and the Pope Protection of St Peter and the Pope