People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Gift of several mansiones in Berwickshire

Type of Transaction
From Source
1/2/1 (Duncan, SHR 78, 16, 22-23)
Firm date
29 August 1095
Dating Notes
4 kals. Sept. In the year that King William son of the great King William made a new castle before Bamburgh over Robert, earl of the Northumbrians. See also Duncan, 'Yes, the earliest Scottish charters', 25-6.
Place-names entered as in Duncan, 'The earliest Scottish Charters', pg. 104 (a)

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Edgar, king of Scots (d.1107) Edgarus filius Malcomi Edgar, son of Malcolm, king of Scots 1095 × 1097
Beneficiary Durham Cathedral Priory ecclesie Dunelmensi [...] et monashic in eadem ecclesia church of Durham [...] and monks of the same 1095 × 1327
Beneficiary Saint Cuthbert sancto Cuthberto Saint Cuthbert 1094 × 1279
Beneficiary William, bishop of Durham (d.1096) Willelmo William, bishop 1095 × 1095
Signatory Edgar, king of Scots (d.1107) Egari Edgar, king 1095 × 1097
Signatory Alexander I, king of Scots (d.1124) Alexandri fratris eius Alexander, brother of the same 1095 × 1123
Signatory Agulf, son of Ingemund Agulfi Menyanium [Ligulfi filii Inemanni] Agulf, son of Ingemund 1095 × 1095
Signatory Kilvert?, son of Duncan Eyluerti filii Doncani [Gylnerti filii Dunecani] Kilvert?, son of Duncan 1095 × 1095
Signatory Olaf, son of Oggu Omani filii Eghe [Oulaui filii Oghe] Olaf son of Ogge 1095 × 1095
Signatory Edgar Aetheling Edgari aederling Edgar Ætheling 1095 × 1095
Signatory Uhtred Southern Vhtredi [Vtredi <s>uderne] Uhtred Southern 1095 × 1095
Signatory Constantine, earl of Fife (d.1128×36) Constantini filii Magdufe Constantine, son of Macduff 1095 × 1128
Signatory Robert of Le Hommet Roberti de Humet [Rodberti de Hume] Robert de Humet 1095 × 1095
Signatory Agulf, son of Aetalus Ætele [Aculphi filii Etale] Agulf, son of Ætelus 1095 × 1095
Signatory Aelfwald, son of Agulf son of Aetalus Alimoldi filii sui [Euuoldi filii sui] Aelfwald, his son 1095 × 1095
Signatory David, ? brother of King Edgar Dauid David 1095 × 1095
named person (transaction) Robert de Mowbray, earl of Northumberland (d.1115 or 1125) Robertum comitem Northanhymbrorum Robert, earl of the Northumbrians
named person (transaction) William the Conqueror, king of England (d.1087) Willelmi the great King William
named person (transaction) William II, king of England (d.1100) Willelmus filius magni Regis Willelmi William, son of the great King William 1095 × 1095
named person (transaction) Malcolm III, king of Scots (d.1093) my father

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Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits Order
William, bishop of Durham (d.1096) Willelmo William, bishop 1095 × 1095 1
Turgot, bishop of St Andrews (d.1115) Ðurgoto Turgot, prior 1095 × 1095 2
Ansketill, reeve of Norham Ansketillo Ansketil, reeve of Norham 1095 × 1095 3
Ilger de Cornforth Ilgero de Corneford Ilger de Cornforth 1095 × 1095 4
Walter de Valognes (11C) Waltero de Ualonis Walter de Valognes 1095 × 1095 5
Geoffrey de Aldrie Galfrido de Aldreio Geoffrey de Aldrie 1095 × 1095 6
William, son of Aelfwald Willelmo filio Alimodi William, son of Alwold 1095 × 1095 7
John de Amundeville Johanne de Amundiuilla John de Amundeville 1095 × 1095 8
Lorrainer the Racho Rachone Lotharingo Lorrainer the Racho 1095 × 1095 9
Gilbert (late 11C) Gilberto Gilbert 1095 × 1095 10
Wilfrid (late 11C) Wilfrido Wilfrid 1095 × 1095 11
Aelfwald, son of Makod Alimodo filio Makodi Aelfwald, son of Makod 1095 × 1095 12
Aiulf, brother of Aelfwald son of Makod Anulfo fratre suo Aiulf, his brother 1095 × 1095 13

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Pro anima Duncan II, king of Scots (d.1094) Dunecani my brother Duncan 1093 × 1094
Pro anima Edward, son of King Malcolm III (d.1093) Edwardi my brother Edward

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Ederham Edrom
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of mansionem de Coldyngham Coldingham
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of mansionem de Berwic Berwick
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Aldcambus Oldcambus
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Lummesdene Lumsdaine
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Riston Reston
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Ranynton Renton
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Suineston Swinwood
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Prenegest Prenderguest
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Eiton Ayton
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of aliam Eitun Ayton (the other)
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Lamberton Lamberton
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of aliam Lamberton Lamberton (the other)
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Paxton Paxton
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Fysewyc Fishwick
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Greidene Graden
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Leinhale Lennel
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Clilsterhale Dilsterhale
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Bricgham Birgham
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Cirnesid Chirnside
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Hilton Hilton
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Blacedre Blackadder
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Cynebrycham Kimmerghame
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Hotun Hutton
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Fulgeldene Foulden
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Morderinton Mordington
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Hedrynton Edrington
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Horford Horford
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Vpsetyntun Upsettlington
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Farndun Farndun
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Crammesmudr' Cramsmoo (Burnmouth)
BWK (Berwickshire) mansio of Haedynton Edington

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
privileges in general (all liberties, etc.) customs held in mansiones BWK (Berwickshire)